Rooted in a tradition of academic excellence, East Woods promotes and supports a well-rounded education. Through strong academics, and a rigorous course of study, children are taught how to think, not simply what to think. Our students are immersed in science, technology, math, world languages, history, literature, athletics and the arts.

Our classrooms are rich with student-centered, cross-curricular, inquiry-based problem solving activities designed to allow students the opportunity to explore their own potential and learn and grow in a challenging, yet supportive environment.

At each grade level, East Woods School students are challenged academically and personally to learn and to grow. Our program is designed to teach students the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will best prepare them for success in a global society. We believe students learn best in an environment that challenges them while allowing them to solve problems using the skills they have learned.

The East Woods curriculum provides young learners with a carefully planned sequential and integrated course of study.

  • The Early Childhood curriculum includes learning how to be a positive member of the classroom community, reading and language arts, math, science, social studies, library, physical education, music, and Spanish.
  • The Lower School curriculum includes reading and language arts, math, NGSS science, social studies, technology, library, physical education, art, music, and Spanish.
  • The Upper School curriculum includes reading and language arts, math, NGSS science, social studies, Spanish, athletics, technology, art, drama, and music.

Our nurturing atmosphere and dedicated teachers encourage independence, social and emotional learning, and academic growth while promoting a sense of community. At East Woods School, we believe your child's potential is only the beginning.